Justice Gisela Triana will bring exceptional experience and much needed balance to the Supreme Court — she would be the first Supreme Court Justice to have served at every level of Trial Courts, as well as the Court of Appeals.

Most Texans don’t realize that not only are all current members of the Texas Supreme Court Republicans, seven of the nine Justices were initially appointed to their current positions on the Court by Republican governors.

“This court is sorely lacking in balance,” Justice Triana says. “ We need a Court that guarantees a level playing field; that does not put special interests ahead of everyday Texans in crucial issues like health care, a clean environment, social justice, and the need for honest economic dealing."

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Judge Triana
Justice Gisela Triana has over 24 years of experience on the Judicial Bench. Before serving on the Appellate Court, Justice Triana served on every level of the Texas trial courts. Her exceptional experience makes her uniquely qualified to bring fairness and balance to the Texas Supreme Court.
As a Justice on the Third Court of Appeals, Justice Triana helps resolve complex legal matters that reach the Third Court from multiple areas. Before being chosen for the Third Court of Appeals...

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