The Experience We Need on the 3rd Court of Appeals

Travis County Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Association endorses Judge Triana for Third Court of Appeals!

Judge Triana

Judge Gisela Triana has over 22 years of experience on the bench. She has served on every level of Texas trial courts, making her uniquely and exceptionally qualified to bring fairness and balance to the Third Court of Appeals.

Prepared to Serve as Appellate Judge

As judge of the 200th Judicial District Court of Texas since 2005, Judge Triana has presided over hundreds of cases, involving complex civil cases and important issues that impact people’s lives. Prior to serving as a District Judge, Judge Triana served as the Judge of Travis County Court at Law #5 from 2000 to 2004. In that Court of criminal jurisdiction, she is recognized for stabilizing the Court’s docket and disposing of a massive backlog. Judge Triana has also served as a City of Austin Municipal Court Judge and as Travis County Justice of the Peace #5. She is well known for being fair, deliberate, courteous, and for her willingness to listen to all sides of a case.

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