Why a Bunch of Kids Are Suing the TCEQ
September 11, 2018

Texas Judge Rules Air is Part of the Public Trust

Texas Observer

But the ruling is largely symbolic and the legal ramifications unclear, legal experts say

Last week a Texas judge surprised many by ruling that air, like water, is part of the public trust. The ruling came in response to a lawsuit filed on behalf of several Texas kids, whose attorneys argue that the state of Texas has a duty to maintain a stable, livable climate on behalf of current and future generations. On the other side of the courtroom: the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, which argued that water, but not air, is part of the public trust.

Travis County Judge Gisela Triana’s ruling underscores the near-consensus scientific view that greenhouse gases are driving climate change and is a rebuke to Texas political leaders such as Rick Perry, who deny the science.

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