•  Vladimira Kristianova
    I would love to see someone who is not only fair and impartial but also compassionate and understanding in this most important position. That is why I support Judge Triana.
    Vladimira Kristianova
  • Robert Tyler
    Judge Triana is an exceptional judge. She is direct, efficient, and has a passion for justice. She will be sorely missed in Travis County, but a welcome addition to the court of appeals.
    Robert Tyler
  • Chris Corsbie
    Kudos to one of my favorite judges for her cheerful intrepidity and panache. All of us at Clear World Interpreting are on your side, Gisela.
    Chris Corsbie
  • Nancy Holcomb
    I just heard you speak at the San Angleo Women's Democratic Club luncheon and I can't wait to vote for you!!!
    Nancy Holcomb